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Lice Itch: Treatment

Lice are pestering creatures which invade hair regions of the body. They may also dwell in the eyebrows, armpit hair, and even the genital areas. There may have been abundance in research regarding head lice itch, so it would be better to focus on a more serious pubic lice itch.

Pubic lice, scientifically known as Phthirus pubis, are associated with sexually-transmitted circumstances that mostly occur in adolescents. They are transmitted through direct sexual contact with infected persons or objects such as sheets, public toilet seats, and blankets. In some rare instances, some women have acquired pubic lice while fitting on swimsuits in stores.

Itch from pubic lice may be moderate or severe depending on the lice present. And it is usually worse during sleep at night time. The pubic louse feeds on human blood to live. It does this by inserting its head into the hair follicle. The itch begins when the louse secretes irritant substance into the skin.

Sometimes the inflammation due to lice itch may appear to be bluish gray. It is a constant no-no for hard scratching and long digging for the skin may become raw causing to develop secondary infections.

Other complications caused by pubic lice include blepharitis (an eye infection). Apart from the common notion that pubic lice dwell on the genital areas, it may also thrive in eyelashes of young children.

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Lice Itch: Signs and Symptoms

Aside from the severe itching in the pubic areas, a visible symptom of pubic lice is the presence of its eggs or nits. Sometimes, if the lice are larger than usual, it may also be noticeable.

Medical attention might be necessary upon the occurrence of genital lesions for both males and females. These lesions may often lead to scratching and ultimately develop secondary infections.

Lice Itch Medical Treatment

Immediately call the assistance of health professionals when it came to your knowledge that your sexual partner has signs of pubic lice itch. As mentioned earlier, pubic lice is transmitted through sexual activity.

There are available over-the-counter medications to treat pubic lice. But if the same have failed in your attempts to cure pubic lice itch, you might need your doctor’s prescription.

Lice Itch Treatment

The best known treatments for lice itch are shampoos with active ingredients. Prescribed wash include Kwell or Elimite. Apply the treatments to the affected genital areas for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well after shampooing.

It may be necessary to fine-teeth comb the pubic hair to eliminate remaining eggs or nits. Vinegar on the pubic hair is also proven effective to loosen the grip of nits.

During the period of treatment, it is important to take care of clothing and linens. Immerse them in hot water to kill tiny or invisible lice that may have established their habitat. An alternative treatment would be medical sprays on clothing or wrapping linen in plastic bags for 10 to 14 days.

Safe sex should always be maintained. And seek medical assistance upon discovery of pubic lice symptoms on either partner.


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